I could be the guy you’re looking for


Yeah, I know that last sentence may be bad grammar, but in this instance propriety isn’t the point. It’s just the way folks talk—no hidden meaning, no double entendre, no trompe l’oeil. Plain and simple: you need somebody for something and I could be that guy.

And I like to be the guy who does the thing.

Need to promote your product across multiple mediums? No problem.

Need to overhaul your Web site and increase online visiblity? I can do that.

Need a complete identity package for your new business. Done.

Need an extra set of hands to move a couch, stuff some envelopes, kick a ball around? Of course I’ll be there.

The bottom line is I’m here to help you succeed, whatever the situation.

Give me a shout: 501-773-3226 or theguy@markansas.net

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